“Valerie thank you for such a great healing session yesterday, it was very relaxing and calming. After I got home I went to yoga and I felt my whole body was still in a peaceful mode from the healing. I certainly slept great too.”

What is LRH

Our bodies contain both a physical structure and energy structure. The energy structure weaves both within and outside of the physical structure creating a vessel that allows life force energy to flow through and maintain a state of wellness.

From a Metaphysical perspective, the energy body contains the chakras and auras. Chakras are within the body and the aura surrounds the body. Light Resonance Healing treats these energetic structures as a powerful electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field is directly related to how we perceive and interact with the world. In fact it connects us to everything. When this field is out of resonance and light is blocked from flowing effortlessly the energy body can become out of balance. If unresolved this can manifest in the physical body as symptoms or dis-ease.