“Valerie, I had a reading with you on Valentine’s Day and you saw prosperity around me and it came up twice in our reading. One week later, a substantial amount of money fell into my lap. Whew, guess you made me a believer. Thank you.”


Valerie's goal is to help others to understand, trust, and use the Divine Wisdom they are receiving. We all have the innate ability to connect with that part of us, the voice within that bridges heaven and earth. This is the voice of the Divine. As we trust the information we are receiving we can use this information in our daily lives.

Valerie is the Founder of Light Resonance Healing®. As part of her passion she takes groups to sacred sites to experience the light and wisdom held within these sites. Since 2001 she has taken groups to Egypt, Peru, and England. She has studied with Master Teachers throughout the United States and Internationally. In Peru she works with Shamans, Andean Chiefs, Naturopaths, and Coca Leaf Readers. She has worked with Sound Healers in the UK, US, and Peru. She is a Spiritual Advisor and Ordained Minister.

Valerie teaches workshops and conducts certificate programs in Light Resonance Healing® in the San Francisco Bay Area, throughout the US and internationally. Valerie lectures and teaches Mediumship, Making the Connection with the Angelic and Spirit Realms, Using the Gifts You Were Born With, and Tools to get started setting up your own intuitive practice.

Valerie is a member of the Global Coherence Initiative. She is a Registered Nurse and worked in Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care. She holds Post Graduate Degree Teaching Credentials in Multiple Subjects and Severely Handicap Children and Adults.