“I still can't get over last night’s healing session. I woke up this morning feeling as light as a feather, physically, mentally and spiritually. The first thought that I had was that "I'm so glad to becoming home". You are playing such a big part in my healing transformation and I want to Thank You with all my being.”

Light Resonance Healing

Everything on earth and in the Universe has a holographic relationship. Light Resonance Healing® works with light that exists in the Universal hologram outside the body to bring light within the body. A light matrix inside the body is similar to the acupuncture points or meridians in ancient Chinese medicine and are found within the body.

Light Resonance Healing® is an alternative holistic energy approach. It utilizes frequencies such as light, color and sound to create a resonance within the body. Light Resonance unites frequencies bringing them into the body. This technique allows the light that one has within their body to resonate. As a result it strengthens frequencies within a person’s body and reboots the energy (like a computer turning on) bringing the client into a state of harmony and balance. When the Practitioner and Client are in touch with these frequencies a universal flow of life force energy is created which travels through the body and activates the bodies own grid system, the light matrix.

Light Resonance Healing® is an advanced healing technique which integrates the use of light, sound and color. It works throughout our energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual body. This healing technique is available to all of us and has been on this planet for many years. We are now re-awakening to its invaluable use as a tool to heal ourselves and radiate the light within.